Here, the primary focus is on building profitable and sustainable land-based businesses in the United Kingdom. For the past few years, this platform has been uniting farmers and institutions who base their activities in rural areas – mainly farmers. Bringing them together to discuss common problems and their solutions through two annual plenary events.

During these events, members and interested individuals are welcome to join in and make their contributions. There is no specific venue for the meetings; it’s chosen depending on the current agenda. For instance, if it’s about milk production, the conference is held in a region where there is a high concentration of dairy farmers. The meetings take a neutral point of view, thanks to the independent nature of the organisation.

The secondary aim of the organisation is to provide a forum for farmers to discuss and find amicable solutions to common problems – serving as an interface between local industries and national institutions. The discussion empowers the entire community of farmers to rise to their full potential. Sometimes, members engage in collaborative efforts, resulting in reduced costs of implementing solutions.

In the long run, active members and followers get informed about new trends in hot topics such as agro-tech through our blog. It contains results of new and credible research – putting farmers at an advantage. Additionally, you can identify the most profitable ventures available to you.