Do you buy into the idea of living and working in the rural areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? If so, you need a reliable plan on how you will make money. If you have a small piece of farmland, say one hectare or less, you can set up a profitable agribusiness in no time. Unfortunately, the most lucrative ventures are capital intensive, but there is no harm in starting small.

Today, we decipher some practical possibilities for people with small farms. However, your success depends on your timing, location, and experience. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Gourmet and other medicinal mushrooms

Looking for a lucrative business that rakes in profits in no time? Mushrooms are your best bet. First, you need to identify the species to grow, by asking your local restaurants about their preference. On the other hand, medicinal mushrooms have a different and more lucrative market that include grocery stores, individuals and more.

Start a snail farm

These slimy creatures are considered pests by some, while others see them as a delicacy. Due to their nutritional value, snails are gaining popularity among people in developed countries. They only need shelter, leaves (for food), and minimal care. But just like any other business, do market research to make sure you have the right species.

Fish farming

This nutritious alternatives to red meat need no introduction. They have a ready market, and you can never go wrong with this kind of investment. You can start your research on tilapia and catfish then venture to more specialised markets like crabs and other seafood.

Raising worms

Is your farm near a favourite fishing spot? If so, consider raising worms. The target customers are fish shops and the average waiting time is 90 days. The business requires minimal space, giving you an option to diversify your income. After harvesting, the soil that remains provides nutritious compost for plants.