Recently, there has been notable progress in agro-tech. The kind that will revolutionize the agribusiness sector as we know it. Starting from dairy farming to crop cultivation and everything between, technology’s strong impact is something real. On this post, our focus will be on mechanical plant cultivation.

The use of drones

How about a farm that needs almost zero human effort and produces better yields? That’s what the Hands-free Hectare team from Harper Adams University has accomplished. Though the secure tech is in its early stages, the experiment was a success. They planted barley on a one-hectare field in Newport, Shropshire where they used a fleet of the automated machines to plant, monitor and harvest the crop.

Here, the drones monitored the crop by providing multispectral images of the farm; using sensors to detect the wavelength of light. The team could identify diseases, pests, and malnutrition in pants, real time. That is a significant step in dealing with the two main challenges in agribusiness – increased demand for food and deteriorating environmental conditions. But, If data security is a concern, provides the perfect solution.

Reduced cost of production

We can all agree the agriculture is a labor-intensive sector – an issue that poses several challenges to farmers. For instance, finding the right people to care for your animals and plants can be life-consuming. Considering that most people prefer to work in other sectors and the experienced people are employed elsewhere.

The use of tech in agriculture brings the cost of production down considerably – providing 24-hour service at a small price compared to hiring a human. Besides, these machines don’t need weekends and holidays off nor do they charge an overtime fee. However, you will still need people to fly the drones and make decisions based on the collected data.